Seated Yoga for Thoracic Expansion

Relax and unwind during your travels with our seated yoga class designed for car or airplane comfort. Improve posture and boost thoracic spine flexibility. 

Rest, Stretching & Restore

Slow down by using these fundamental methods and take the time to let your body and mind relax.

Seated Yoga for Focus and Clarity

Enhance your focus and clarity with this 10-minute seated yoga practice that is perfect for those with limited space and aims to release tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Seated Upper Body Movement

Release tension in your upper body with this grounding series of seated stretches. Allow yourself to fully let go and sink into the stretches for a rejuvenating and peaceful feeling. 

Seated Flow For Lower Body

A stabilizing lower-body-focused flow designed to improve balance. Stretch out your legs and lower body muscles, relieve tension in your hips, and activate your lower abdomen. 

Neck Stretches for Tension Relief

Learn how to relieve tension in your neck with simple mobilizations and stretches. 


Cardio Burst

Combine cardio and body weight jumping plyometrics for a full body experience that will leave you feeling energized and invigorated. 

Full Body Workout

A full body-workout that targets squats, core, and upper body. Build muscles, endurance and push stamina while challenging muscles to their maximum capacity wherever you are! 

Full Body Stretching

Take some time to relax and release tension in your mind and body with a full-body stretching session. 

Glute Workout

Engage in these four different exercises, target your glutes that your body will thank you for! 

Core Workout

A strengthening core workout that will allow you to build a strong core and strengthen your lower back muscles. Feel the burn as you engage in these fundamental exercises to target and strengthen your core muscles 


Meditation for Sleep

Embark on a meditative journey to sleep. Learn how to relax and place aside outside worries. 

Sound Healing For Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation and improve your sleep with this soothing sound healing session, perfect for winding down before bed. 

Focus Meditation

Calm your mind and navigate your intentions with Caravan teacher Leo as he utilizes meditation and breathing to help you find your center. 

Breathing Meditation

Join this mediation for a guide toward euphoria. Use these breathing tools to relax your mind and body.  

Save on Activities

Find More To Do On Vacation

From guided hikes and kayak tours to bike rentals and more, discover savings on top activities to stay active on your next adventure.

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